100% Soy Candles --- $15 Shipping
100% Soy Candles --- $15 Shipping
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My name is Dee, I am simply just a Mum to 3 beautiful crazy kids & a Wife to 1.
We have a pretty busy & chaotic lifestyle (which I wouldn't change for anything)
so making Soy Candles is kinda my therapy... haha

I love creating things, being fit/active & I'm a huge caffeine addict!!
I simply LOVE what I do and it makes me super happy to share it with you all... Thanks so much for the support, Dee xo 

In2 The Woods offer a unique & stylish range of products.

  • 100% Soy Wax Candles with Wooden Wicks.
  • Soy Melts & Tealights.
  • Reed Diffusers for your Home. 
My Candles are all individually hand poured by myself & are made only in solid Glass Jars with natural timber lids. They feature a Wooden Wick which creates a soft crackling sound like a real fire.