100% Soy Candles --- $15 Shipping
100% Soy Candles --- $15 Shipping
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Candle Care & Safety

FIRST BURN always Burn your candle long enough until the melt pool reaches the edges of your container, approx 4 hours & this is to prevent tunneling.
You will have a more even burn and maximize the life of your candle.

Wooden wicks are a much “cleaner” burn & may need a little more fire to get them burning compared to a cotton wick. Once it’s lit the flame may seem a little higher & will then calm. Sometimes it may go out, but just be persistent and use a strong jet flame to get it going. If its still not lighting, trim the wick down and try again.

Trimming the wick will help your candle to burn evenly & longer. Simply tilt jar upside down & gently snap/flake away some of the charred wick.   (approx. 5mm)

DO NOT burn your candle for more than 4hours at a time, this can cause the container jar to get too hot and possibly crack or combust.

NEVER burn your candle when the wax level is below 1cm from the bottom of the jar.There will not be enough wax to absorb the heat and therefore your jar is at risk of cracking or shattering!

Relax & enjoy your beautiful Candle xo